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An Online Experience for A Ground-Breaking Community

Welcome To Alliance

Since its establishment nearly 30 years ago, AllianceTexas has flourished as a hub of industry as well as an ideal place to raise a family. The 26,000-acre, master-planned community is immersed in opportunity, so it was only right for their website to reflect that attitude.

AllianceTexas teamed up with RFTB to create an online experience that exhibits the many exciting aspects of the region while further representing their forward-thinking approach to personal and professional life.


  • Key Messaging

Content Production

  • Video Production


  • Digital Design
  • Map Design

Interactive Development

  • Website Development
  • DNN Development
  • Interactive Map

Opportunity Thrives Here

A Bird’s Eye View

Making the website simple and intuitive was another challenge that came with such a large region. To improve the user experience, we created an interactive map that displays the variety of spaces in the region. Users can click on different areas and landmarks to learn more about them, and they can zoom in and out to see where the region is located in relation to the rest of the Metroplex.

AllianceTexas Laptop Showcase

Reaching A Broad Audience

With 2 million people living within 20 miles of AllianceTexas and many more that visit for shopping, dining and business, it comes as no surprise that the site needs to cater to a diverse audience. RFTB developed content for industrial, office, community, retail spaces and more to provide users with any information they might need.

View Live Site
AllianceTexas Tablet Showcase

We also used a responsive framework for the site so that its wide array of users can have a good experience on any device.

AllianceTexas Website Preview Home Page
AllianceTexas Website Preview Residential Page

Helping Opportunity Thrive

As we brought AllianceTexas to life online, we knew that it was essential to highlight the wide range of opportunities offered by the region. Using clean animation and simple navigation, we made sure that users would find the site as innovative and appealing as AllianceTexas itself.

AllianceTexas Website Preview Retail Page