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BCG Dallas

A Landmark Anniversary for an Industry Leader

Celebrating 25 Years of Success

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) partners with leaders in business and society to deliver customized solutions to enable growth, build competitive advantage and drive the bottom line.

Finding the familiar like-minded team spirit in RFTB, BCG Dallas approached us to capture their entrepreneurial mindset and family-like culture in celebration of their 25th anniversary.

Content Production

  • Storyboard
  • Video Production
  • Promotional Material
  • Key Messaging
  • Animation
  • Processing & Delivery

The Challenge:

Producing a video that celebrates BCG Dallas’ 25th anniversary while also serving as a representation of the Dallas office’s ideals and impact within BCG, the local business community, and the city of Dallas.

Culture of Success

Through first-hand testimonials and anecdotes of culture from the BCG Dallas office leadership, the video exhibits a timeline of stories from the founding through key milestones achieved by the company with an underlying tone of the office culture. The video communicates the office’s entrepreneurial mindset while promoting the family values instilled in BCG Dallas’ culture.

RFTB’s Achievement

BCG’s focus on relationships was front and center in the video, evidenced in the current level of engagement within and outside their office. RFTB was able to weave these elements with past and current leadership lending voice to their business achievements through the years. The successful reception of the video within BCG globally and the local Dallas community was a result of RFTB shooting and editing hours of video to showcase significant achievements as well as the social impact and community projects the Dallas office continues to develop.