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The Legacy of Bob Schieffer

A Walk in Purple Socks

Honoring A Legend

Throughout his distinguished career, Bob Schieffer displayed persistence, tenacity, civility and professional integrity. For the younger TCU audience who were unable to witness Bob’s iconic career in journalism, we partnered with the TCU College of Communication to develop a compelling, interactive experience allowing visitors to understand the impact Bob Schieffer has had on the field of journalism and education. The site seeks to honor the values and qualities Bob displayed throughout his life, while serving as a helpful tool for students to recognize the legacy behind the TCU Bob Schieffer College of Communication.

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Stories of Bob Schieffer

Bob’s story begins in 1937, leading to a career covering several of the most memorable moments in World History. To both recap Bob’s life and showcase his work melded with history, our team designed and developed an interactive timeline to guide users through the major events that shaped Bob’s life and career.

Bob Schieffer’s press passes

From the initial concept, we realized this was much more than a website. We were tasked with an interactive online documentary. We actually had to leave content out.

Bob Schieffer Laptop Showcase

Fun Fact: Bob’s memory of the stories on the site are impeccable. He could tell the story behind the story including dates, names and other anecdotes.

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Bob’s Professional Values

To exhibit Bob Schieffer’s legacy in a way that explains how he became the voice of a generation, we told Bob’s story through the lens of his professional values: Persistence, Integrity, and Civility. Centering the website on Bob’s anecdotes and the stories of his close colleagues allows readers to immediately grasp why Bob Schieffer is so iconic as a journalist and an alumnus of TCU.

Bob Schieffer Media Collage