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The Life & Legacy of Ross Perot

A patriot, innovator, and
Generous spirit, ross perot

Saluting Ross Perot

Rarely in our history have such full measures of patriotism, entrepreneurship, invention, innovation, service to country and community, and generosity of spirit been embodied in one individual. Texarkana, Texas native and longtime Dallas resident Ross Perot’s life was an American success story – one whose influence will continue to endure through the countless lives he touched worldwide.

We here at RFTB had the honor of working on preserving his legacy and honor through digital storytelling. Learning more about the accomplishments of Ross Perot and facing the challenge of bringing his legacy to life through a website was a challenge we loved facing.


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Celebrating a Legacy

Ross Perot experienced an abundance of success in his career. Starting his adult life in the Navy, successfully starting two companies, and even running for president, he was an honorable American hero, a true patriot and a very intelligent businessman.

An American Success Story

The team at RFTB put together a branded digital design that appropriately portrayed Ross Perot and his accomplishments. Not only was RFTB the guiding hand in all copywriting and photography, but developed the site from start to finish.

Ross Perot Laptop Showcase

Interactive Timeline

With a need to share Ross Perot’s lifetime of accomplishments through storytelling, the RFTB design team built a site that brought his many experiences and honors to life through an interactive timeline. Scroll through and experience Ross Perot’s life with full-screen video & imagery elements that really bring an interactive experience to the user.

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Ross Perot Tablet Showcase

In addition to the timeline, the design team at RFTB created life story pages taking a deeper look into how Ross Perot left behind an unforgettable legacy. It was a joy portraying his character and experiences through the different stages of his life. With added “flashbacks” and quotations we were able to provide users with an inside-look into some never before seen imagery and anecdotes.

Ross Perot
Ross Perot

Memories of a life well-lived

RFTB developed a Tributes page that gave others, including former presidents and television icons, the chance to share their condolences and pay their respects to Ross Perot. Any time RFTB has the chance to work with a client that had such an impact and contributed so much in their lifetime, the project is sure to become near and dear to our hearts, and that is just what happened here.

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