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TCU Bob Schieffer College of Communication

Leading the Next Generation in Media and Journalism

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Located in Fort Worth, TCU is one of the top schools in the Lone Star State. Named after the legendary political broadcaster and journalist, Bob Schieffer, The Bob Schieffer College of Communication produces nationally recognized scholars and has established a reputation as one of the leading schools in the country for media and communication.

Interactive Development

  • Website Development
  • WordPress Multisite
  • Digital Strategy

Content Production

  • Video Production


  • Digital Design

Environmental Design

  • Hallway Mural Design

The Test

To continue encouraging students around the nation to enroll in the program, the Dean reached out to RFTB to design and develop a modern website representing the history of excellence students join when becoming alumni of The Bob Schieffer College of Communication.

Design a unique online experience for The College of Communication and each of the College’s departments—tailored to the specific look and feel of each respective industry.

TCU College of Communication Laptop Showcase

The new website showcases alumni success and the recent projects TCU students have produced within The Bob Schieffer College of Communication to advance the recruitment of talented scholars.

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TCU College of Communication Tablet Showcase

Adaptive Design 101

Designing a website to incorporate five distinct identities is no easy assignment. We worked with TCU to incorporate the unique stories of each department within an adaptive theme and concept. Once the design was in place, we utilized clean functionality, video, and interactive design to bring the college to life, showcasing each program and the tradition of excellence.

School of Communication Studies
School of Film, Television and Digital Media
School of Journalism
School of Strategic Communication
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TCU College of Communication Website Preview School of Communication Studies
TCU College of Communication Website Preview School of Film TV and Digital Media
TCU College of Communication Website Preview School of Journalism
TCU College of Communication Website Preview School of Strategic Communication

Environmental Design

Our team designed murals for the college to bring the website to life in the hallways, further establishing the modern brand identity while featuring the students choosing to #COMMUNICATE.

Click and drag to view the full wall graphics

TCU Wall Panorama TCU Wall Panorama