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RFTB Meat Co.

The Project

12 Cuts of Christmas Meatstakes

Enjoy a nice cut of 100% USDA approved reindeer every Christmas, straight from this Sweeney Todd-inspired butcher shop at RFTB. Here in Fort Worth, we recognize a beautifully marbled steak from a fat piece of gristle like our lives depend on it. That’s why we wanted to share the great gift of steak with our clients and loved ones, and add a little more joy to their holidays.

This site has everything. Magic cattle, steers with antlers, and the famous Butcher Shop Boys Quartet. The Soggy Bottom Boys never had a chance. Enter the Meatstakes, select your cut, and enjoy your favorite Christmas carols. And if you didn’t know already, Woody Harrelson might even give you some sound advice on how to eat a steak The Cowboy Way.

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Fort Worth, Texas


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This site is brought to you by Chuck, The Specialist, Slab, Old Saw, Tidy and the rest of the RFTB Meat Co. crew. Our Christmas gift to you.

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