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The Project

Putting the Future of Retail in Motion

As new technology reshapes the way consumers behave, a Texas-based company is on a mission to bring augmented and mixed reality to retail. Spacee is an advanced technology company that creating “Spacial Experiences”. Through light projection and motion sensors, users can interact with almost any object to learn about products, contact employees and much more.

Spacee teamed up with RFTB to create a website that exemplifies their unique brand. Because each Spacee product is centered around customer interaction, we made sure to give users an interactive experience with the site as well. The website’s sleek design is meant to represent Spacee’s future-leaning attitude. The end result is a web presence demonstrating Spacee’s full range of applications and potential to revolutionize the consumer experience.

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Addison, Texas


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Leaders in frictionless augmented reality.

Spacee Devices Showcase
Spacee Website Preview Home Page
Spacee Website Preview Touchglass Page