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3 Nations Brewing Co.

Branding A North Dallas Brewery from the Ground Up

What’s On Tap?

3 Nations Brewing Co. is a Dallas craft brewery blending traditional European brewing methods with cool American innovation to reveal its unique taste and style. Craft beer is about drinking great beer with unique flavors and isn’t for anyone content with “The Official Beer Of Large Corporations”. The 3 Nations brew masters are constantly testing new methods and flavors for their followers, while connecting with an audience that understands tradition is not to be improved, but refined.

When the 3NB team came to us looking to create a recognizable logo and solidify their brand, we tossed one back and got to work.


  • Logo Design
  • Key Messaging
  • Product Branding
  • Packaging


  • Can and Keg Design
  • Digital Design

Content Production

  • Copywriting
  • Beer Descriptions

Interactive Development

  • Website Development
  • WordPress Development

Brewing the Brand

Our team tested each beer to draw out the identifying flavors and qualities behind the brew. Using these tastes, we selected names that would clearly communicate the style and ingredients that each beer possessed.

Once we had the names down, we turned our focus towards the cans and tap handles. Whether it’s at the bar or on the shelf, the craft beer’s look has to be able to catch a buyer’s eye and communicate the quality and taste of the beer. The clean, bold artwork on every can design features the distinct personality, history and care that went into every sip.

Brand Positioning Statement

One must respect the enduring traditions for brewing a great beer, before the rules can be successfully broken.

3 Nations Brewing was founded on a respect for traditional German, Belgian, and English brewing styles melded with the spirit of American innovation and ingenuity.


What’s in a GPA? The unadventurous say midterms, flash cards, and all-nighters. We take a more radical approach. After all, who cares what you graduated with? Our GPA consists of a subtle blend of bitterness accompanied by passion fruit, citrus and tropical fruit like aromas. Go ahead, enjoy this above average beer, because your intelligence can’t be refined in the classroom.

American Wit

There’s nothing in the world like American Wit. Dry but to the point. This American Wit is a healthy blend of a traditional Belgian brew, with certified American brass. It’s not meant to adhere to the noise. It’s meant to be the noise. It’s a youthful take on a classic style, sure to spark some controversy. The American Wit wouldn’t have it any other way.

Bull’s English Brown

Brewing brilliant beers is a trait we learned well from our British buddies across the pond. Bull’s English Brown is our little revolution. The aroma of caramel and smoke blended with subtle noises of honey and fine tobacco make this ale a timeless classic. Brass tacks, Bull’s English Brown is bold and beautiful. This is a declaration of innovation on a historic English brew and makes for a ‘bloody’ good beer.

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Brand Tagline

Respect Tradition

Packaging Graphics

Mango Smash IPA American Wit Belgian American Witbier Bull’s English Brown

Taking 3NB Online

3 Nations isn’t for those who want to crack open a “brewski”. It’s for people who love great beer. To complete their online presence, we crafted a custom website capturing how it feels to grab a pint with 3NB.

3 Nations Brewing Laptop Showcase

Using their strong personality to guide users through the site, we created an authentic 3NB experience page to page to show off their experience brewing great beer.

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3 Nations Brewing Tablet Showcase

Life Beyond Launch

Located in Farmers Branch, TX, 3 Nations now hosts a buzzing taproom for fellow beer connoisseurs to hangout with the team and enjoy their growing roster of great tasting beers.